Who don’t know about Samsung brand? It is the biggest brand of the electronic brand from the Sakura country, Japan. It is being the oldest brand of electronic that have already existed in the world since it was released. And they are many new technology of this Japan brand, like this Samsung Galaxy S8.

There are many electronic of our home that has the Samsung brand. It is from the television, radio, refrigerator, hand phone, and many more. And Samsung had also being the first of the first factory that release the smartphone type.

The User Manual of the Samsung have already proved the quality of the Samsung. We can say that Samsung is being the founder of the next brand of Smartphone after the release of the expensive smartphone of Apple band.

Not all people can buy the Apple smartphone, so Samsung came with the sophisticated smartphone. It is Samsung smartphone. With the android operating system, Samsung smartphone can attract many people in the word. And it is being the famousest brand in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S8
This Samsung Galaxy S8 is the newest version of the Samsung product. With many kinds of the sophisticated technology of this smartphone, this Samsung Galaxy S8 have been the complete verse of the Samsung smartphone product before, like Samsung Galaxy, Samsung E series, Samsung X, Samsung ACE, and many more.

As the one of the Samsung S series, the User Manual had already know  about the Samsung S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 edge, S7 edge, and the newest one is this Samsung Galaxy S8. It is the ordered type of the Samsung S series.

The best excess of this Samsung Galaxy S8 is that this smartphone is the Coring Gorilla Glass 5 smartphone that make the User can operate the smartphone much easily. That screen resolution is also supported by the Touch Wiz UI and also the 3D touch, so we can touch the screen in the Always-on display. Supported also bay the Android OS v7.0, this Samsung Galaxy S8 has the fast access if internet. It is because there big size of the sensor.

The User Manual can enjoy the super EMOLED touchscreen, so we can operate the application well. We can organize it well for making our online activity fluent. Not only that the excess of this newest smartphone is also related the best camera specification. The front camera has 12 MP pixels for the back camera with the best autofocus. While the front camera is 8 MP with the Auto HDR quality.
This Samsung Galaxy S8 is really the fresh newest verse of Samsung smartphone. Because it is just release on March 29, 2017. Take the best chance to be the first user of this sophisticated Samsung smartphone.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 User Manual :
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  • Download Samsung Galaxy S8 User Manual Simplified Chinese (S.E. Asia) here
  • Download Samsung Galaxy S8 User Manual English here
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Hopefully useful to user Samsung Galaxy S8.