There are many types of smartphone that we can use. Every smartphone has their great specification and will give the best benefit for the user because they all are using the sophisticated technology. As the newest version of smartphone is One Plus 5.

We have already known some famous smartphone like Samsung, ASUS, OPPO, and others. But actually there are some unfamiliar smartphone that is very sophisticated. The one of it is One Plus smartphone.

Although only some people know about this One Plus, but the range of the quality is still in line with some familiar smartphone brands. Even, it is being the more expensive price than the marketed smartphone.

The User Manual of this smartphone will feel enjoy and comfort in using this elegant smartphone. The class of tis smartphone will same with Xiaomi or Apple. It had already been released many kinds of the smartphone types, and the one of it is One plus 4, One plus 3, and also One plus 2.

One Plus 5
The last type of One Plus were also good. It can be seen from the specification inside. It makes the user easy to do many activities related to the social media or online browsing or online transaction. But the User Manual of this new One Plus type will enjoy to use it between April and June. Because it isn’t released yet.
Because it is still in rumor released, it had been lose from the release of Samsung S8 or others new brand of Samsung. But one plus 5 won’t be lose, because it has great specification that will make it greater that the other smartphone.

The specification of one plus 5
One plus 5 has the great type of processor that support the operating system. It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. So the strength of the speed will be awesome.
The memory capacity of this One plus 5 is also wide. It has 6 HB of RAM, so they w can save many kinds of file, music, proto, video, and many more. The quality of the picture taken from the camera of this smartphone is also lighter like the usual condition. Because of the supporting of the large screen, it has 5.5 inch of AMOLED screen.
The User Manual of this smartphone, of course will pay more for getting the newest type of the One Plus smartphone. It is because the best quality of the smartphone that can be used based on the price. There is the price and there is the quality.