Tiongkok and Japan are in the competition of releasing the new smartphone. Both are the big country that produce lot of famous and qualified smartphone. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is being the newest smartphone from Tiongkok that is existing now. It is become artist, and can be seen from so many promotion.

People as the User Manual know about the good smartphone or the weak smartphone. So the good smartphone will have many fans and in the short time, it will be sold out. Like this Xiaomi verse. They have already known about the quality of Xiaomi. So there are many fans of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
As the newest brand of smartphone, Xiaomi is not lose from some smartphone that are released before. It can be proved from the specification that is better and can be in line with them and also the numbered fans.

Metal surface of the physical Xiaomi is being the dominant identity of Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 as the newest verse looks like the fierce because of the more sophisticated technology and also the best performance of this smartphone.

Xiaomi is different with Samsung that is being the high-range smartphone. Because Xiaomi is famous with the mid-range smartphone. So do for this Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. This Mi Mix 2 become the newest gun of Xiaomi to persuade the global market.

The User Manual will only pay about 5 million for this newest Xiaomi smartphone. They will get the 4GB of the RAM and the long life battery because the battery capacity is 4000mAh. The battery is like ASUS Zenfone, can be removed.

The operation system of this Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 use OS Android v 6.0 Marshmallow and also MiUi 8.0. It makes the use of this smartphone is very fast. Then, this smartphone is also using the processor of Chipset Snapdragon 821 that will be strong for many activities.

In using this smartphone, the User Manual also can be used for selfie needed. The camera is good for producing the best picture. Because has also dual camera front camera with 8 MP and the back came in 16 MP.

With the best model of this smartphone, we can bring it to other place. Where ever we can bring and use this Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Because it had already supported to 3G and 4G networking. And the Gorilla Glass of the screen, make the User Manual clear to operate the smartphone without closing it with their hands.

Xiaomi mi mix 2 user manual not available toda, but you can learn ures manual xiaomi mi phone, in here