The function of drone is various. The one of the best function is as the carrying. It is used by some military. The drone is simple tools. It is like aircraft. The one of the newest version of drone is SARAH2O.

Based on the development era, there are many kinds of drone with its various specification. at the first, drone only designed for flying, and now, drone is completed by some sophisticated component, so that can be used for the rescue function.


SARAH2O drone
SARAH2O is the name of the newest version of drone. The name is the abbreviation of Search and Rescue Assistant. From the meaning of the name, it spread the function of the drone. It is the drone that aims to be SARS team. It wills search the thing or others that is being the searched object.
The User Manual of this drone is also great, because this drone combines some kinds of sophisticated components that are used for the last drone by increased the quality. They are FLIR VUE PRO IR Camera and GoPro.

This SARAH2O is same as the waterproof drone of QUADH2O and also HEXH2O. Because this drone is also be able to be operated under the water. The different of them are about the way to operate. For this SARAH2O is easier because there is radio transmitter that will help to operate the video and camera.

This drone is being the best version of drone because it had already followed some test from the professional technician of drone. The machine and all of the component of this drone are choses well by having depth consideration. So the user will feel comfortable and easier to use it.

Parts of SARAH2O’s body
The body of the drone consists of some parts. They have their task.
  • Intelligent Flight Controller
The function of this part is for holding the position based on the GPS application. The GPS is displayed through the spread of the radio transmitter.
  • Reliable and efficient
This User Manual part has the main task related to the time duration of the drone for playing. This drone can play during 25 minutes.
  • Sealed Waterproof Hull
This part function id to be operated in the water. It can be operated when the rainy-day, in the snow area, and also as the maneuver on under the water.
  • Large Quick-Release
It aims to search the access of rear hatch
  • Buoyancy Aids
It is as the SARAH2O’s leg that will decide this speed of the drone.
  • Large Viewing Dome
  • Stabilized GoPro Gimbal
This User Manual aims to configure the video. It sis as the feed of the live video that is recorded when the drone operated.

SARAH2O drone is really useful for the rescue side. It can help the rescue team for finishing their task well.

Download User Manual :
  • First Flight Guide (HEXH2O) here
  • Flysight Manual (Black Pearl Monitor) here
  • Futaba Manual (14SG) here
  • Futaba Manual (10J) here
  • DJI Manual (A2 Flight Controller) here
  • DJI Manual (IPAD Ground Station) here
  • Install Manual (Flir Vue) here
  • D100 Manual (Lipo Charger) here
Hopefully useful to user SARAH2O Drone.