Every smartphone has their excess. They have the best quality for attracting the people so that the customers will be increased. Those smartphone are being the best brand for people I the world, because of their regular new product and also for the quality. Now, there is also the newest smartphone that is very sophisticated. It is Alcaltel A5.

Maybe some of us are still strange about the smartphone brand. We only know about Samsung, OPPO, ASUS, Xiaomi, and others. But actually there is also the smartphone brand, called Alcatel.

Alcaltel A5

The Brief Description Of Alcaltel A5
The Alcatel smartphone is not lose from the other smartphone brand. It is clear because, Alcatel has their quality that dominant and will persuade the people to choose their product.

Alcaltel A5 itself is being the one of the newest product of Alcatel after they produced many verse before. This product is very sophisticated. It is spread from a sight. Because the sophisticated can be seen from the outside perform of the smartphone.

It is the LED Cover or LED Casing. This smartphone looks like alive, because of the alive light on its casing. It spread the glamor sense and also the expensive smartphone. In addition, the design is very elegant with 146 x 72.1 x 7.7 millimeter for PC Cover and 146 x 72.1 x 10.2 millimeter for LED Cover. Those make the great display, it is 5.2” IPS HD or 1280 x 720.

The Specification Of Alcaltel A5
The User Manual of the smartphone is same as the other smartphone. The main principal is also same. So the users won’t be confuse to operate it.

This Alcaltel A5 is also appropriate to be used for playing game, because it is supported by 3D game with the memory capacity is 3G of RAM. So the users can save so many games.

We usually record a video. This smartphone is very supported for this, so we can tell our daily story with the video application in this smartphone. Besides, the 13MP camera of this smartphone will also appropriate to take every moment of our life.

The excess of this Alcaltel A5 is that it can hide some social application, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other. Even it can also hide the camera, so it is safety from the strange people who want to know about our private activity. It is called as private mode.

The User Manual is really easy and can be used everywhere because it is supported by 4G also. Get the best connection and best moment record all around the world.
Read User Manual Alcaltel A5 here.
Hopefully useful to user Alcaltel A5.