Xiaomi is considered as one of the biggest brands in mobile phone market these days. There are so many types of Smartphone that have been manufactured by this company. One of the latest products from Xiaomi is Xiaomi Redmi Pro which is considered by many people as one of the best phones from this manufacturer. Like any other Smartphone from Xiaomi, this phone came with attractive design and powerful performance. However, compared to other phones from Xiaomi, this phone is a little bit thicker. Even though it’s a little bit thicker, the overall design of this phone is still very beautiful. This phone might not super slim but it’s made of high quality aluminum and the screen came with very thin bezels. The fingerprint sensor on this phone is mounted within the home button while the speaker grills placed on either side of the Type-C USB connector.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro
This phone also came with many great features as well. One of them is the dual cameras. This feature is very popular in Smartphone these days. The dual cameras in this phone consist of 13MP main lens and 5MP secondary lens. These dual cameras allow this phone to take photos with depth-of-field data that can be manipulated in order to give the blurred bokeh effect. The dual cameras can be considered as one of the best features in this phone. It works very simple and yet can give very excellent result.
The camera came with Stereo Mode that allows you to manually adjust the aperture in order to achieve the level of blur that you desire. You also can change the ISO as well if you taking pictures using this phone. This phone is also the first phone from Xiaomi that uses AMOLED screen. The screen size is 5.5 inches. Display performance is excellent and it looks great when you stream videos.
The OS that is used in Xiaomi Redmi Pro is Android 6.0 with MIUI 8.0 interface3 from Xiaomi. The MIUI can change the appearance of Google OS in quite dramatic way. The MIUI is also very colorful as well and offers a very attractive user interface. The processor can work fast and offers amazing performance. Other great thing about this phone is that it uses the latest security patches for Android which makes this phone has better security compared to other phone in this class. Moreover, with all these great features, this phone still came with very affordable price makes it became one of the best deals that you can find on the market these days.

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