Everything That You Need to Know about Nokia 3
There are various choices of mobile phone that you can find on the market these days. These mobile phones came in various choices of brand as well. One of the biggest brands in mobile phone market is Nokia. The latest product from Nokia is Nokia 3 that came with remarkable features and specifications. Before you decide to buy this new phone from Nokia, you might want to learn some details about this product first.

Nokia 3
This phone is categorized as entry-level Smartphone. However, even though this phone belongs to entry-level group, it has many great features that might surprise you. One of the most interesting things about this phone is its design. The design of this phone came in very stylish and elegant look. It also offers solid structure that can make this phone very attractive visually. Other great thing about this phone is that it offers a whole new experience for those of you who love Android phone.

Nokia 3
The type of display that is used on this phone is HD display with 5 inches size. The processor uses MediaTek quad-core chipset that can provide excellent performance. This processor is supported by 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage for convenient data storing. There are two cameras that you can find on this phone. Both rear camera and front camera came with 8MP resolution. The battery capacity in this Nokia 3 is 2,650mAh.

The design of this phone is very compact and sleek. It can fit easily on your hand’s palm and you can use this phone with one hand without have to use too much effort. The metal frame that is used on this phone makes this phone feel solid and shows well-built structure. Polycarbonate is used for the rear side of the phone to give hint of exclusive class. The corners and the sides of this phone came in round shape that makes this phone looks even sleeker.

Polarized IPS display that is used on the screen can create clear and crisp images and also offers great visibility as well. The interface also came with quite satisfying design. Even though the processor is not too powerful, this phone has quite good performance overall. The battery life of this phone is quite excellent for entry-level class. Last but not least, the Nokia 3 came with very affordable price for Smartphone with quite good features and performance. If you’re looking for entry-level phone with amazing features and low price, this new phone from Nokia is definitely the best choice for you.

Nokia 3 user manual not available today.