A Closer Look at HP Spectre X360
Laptop might be one of the most popular types of computer that you can find these days. There are various types of laptop that are available on the market these days. These laptops came in various choices of specifications and brands. One of the most famous brands of laptop that you can find on the market these days is HP. One of the latest products from HP is HP spectre x360 that came with many great features. Here is the quick review of this new laptop from HP.

HP Spectre X360
For those of you who look for full-featured laptop with Windows OS, this new laptop from HP is definitely the best choice for you. There are many great things about this laptop. One of them is its durability. This new laptop from HP can run for at least two years. This is considered amazing for laptop. This laptop is also considered as great deal because it came with quite affordable price compared to other products with similar specifications and features. So if you have limited budget but you still want to get laptop with great features and performance, this Spectre X360 is definitely the best choice for you.

Hp Spectre x360
Other great thing about this laptop is definitely its design. This laptop came with very slim design that makes it looks very stylish and sophisticated. The frame house is made using high quality premium that provides excellent light weight and durability at the same time. The touchpad and the keyboard of this laptop are also very comfortable as well. You also can find plenty ports with full size on this HP spectre x360as well. The touch screen of this laptop also came with very beautiful design as well. Other great thing about this laptop is its battery life. If you’re looking for laptop with great battery life under the case, this laptop is definitely for you.

Even though this laptop offers some advantages, this product also has some disadvantages as well. The design of this laptop is very attractive with smooth edges and classy look. However, even though this laptop came with slim design, some people consider it still little bit chunkier compared to other laptop in its class. The glossy screen on this laptop also can create distracting reflections in some cases. Other thing that makes this laptop not too impressive is its 15 inches speakers. The sounds that came from the speakers sound a little bit muddy. However, despite of these cons, this laptop is still considered as good deal and worth the value, especially when you have limited budget for buying new laptop.

Download Hp Spectre x360 User Manual :
  • User manual for windows 8.1, here
  • User manual for windows 10, here
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