Nikon has presented the new type of camera. It is a digital camera called as Nikon Coolpix W100 with some interesting features. Uniquely, this camera is made of new features and some color variants. This will be interesting impression for users when you take the photos with that camera. There are several reasons why you need to pick out this camera.

Being Designed for Photography Activities
Do you like photography? If you like it, it is right to buy Nikon Coolpix W100. This camera is exclusively designed for those having a photography hobby and having fun when you are adventuring and exploring the nature and world. Coolpix W100 is packed innovatively by Nikon, both interesting features and survive condition. Surely, it is helpful your photography activities. This camera is aimed at family use in which it is easily operated by family members with creative features to record precious moments.

A Water Resistant Camera
Doing photography requires a strong and durable camera. You will get it from Nikon Coolpix W100. This camera is the ultimate choice for photography. This camera is dust and water resistant. It is able to last in underwater up to 10 meter. It is also survived when it is used in height of 1.8 meter and keep cold air up to – 10 Celsius. The compact camera is working strongly in any weather conditions.

Nikon Coolpix W100
Colorful Camera Designs
For the camera design, it is made rounder in order to be held easily. Even, children with small hands can hold it. The camera comes to the market with four bright and colorful choices with one sea – theme pattern. This surely makes it look chic and nice in your hands. There is also 1 ton software in this camera like add cartoon effects creating photos more interesting.

Connecting to Smartphone Easily
This is also embedded by Bluetooth connection in which it can be connected to smartphone easily. You can move and share photos and videos from camera to smartphone or android with no problems and vice versa. This feature is very helpful.

Having a Great Lens
The Nikon compact camera has a sensor having a same size for smartphones. This has a great lens with the resolution of 13.2 megapixels. The installed lens in this camera has equivalent focal length up to 30 – 90 mm. This helps you to make 3 times of optical zoom and 6 times zoom.

Detecting Face in Underwater
Nikon Coolpix W100 also includes underwater face framing. It is able to detect face when you capture it underwater. This is focusing on the object target so that you can create the photos brightly and sharply though in underwater.

Download Nikon Coolpix W100 :
  • Download Nikon Coolpix W100 User Manual English here
  • Download Quick Start Guide English for customers in Europe here
  • Download Quick Start Guide English for customers in Asia and Afrika here
  • Download Quick Start Guide English for customers in the Americas here
  • Download Quick Start Guide English for customers in India here
Hopefully Useful to User Nikon Coolpix W100.