The New LG G6: What We Know So Far
High end flagship smartphone model is the one really represents the brand image of every smartphone manufacturer because all advancements, whether it is new technology, new features, or new materials, are first introduced though the flagship model. It is all about the battle of prestige and no wonder all smartphone manufacturers are competing to release the most advanced flagship model. LG really knows to keep its position among the big names, it needs new flagship model and LG G6 is the answer for it.

Modular or Not
It hasn’t been too long since LG G5 was launched in the market but there have been lots of news that this Korean smartphone manufacturer is really close to launch its latest flagship model known as LG G6. This new model is prepared to be the real contender to take the crown from Apple iPhone series and Samsung Galaxy S series. However, there’s only few information about this LG’s latest smartphone model. The controversies surrounding G5, especially about its modular concept, created rumors whether LG will keep continuing modular approaches for the new G6 or turn to different approach.

Breakthrough and Innovations
Nevertheless, G5 is still the flagship and we can expect the new G6 will carry some of its legacies. Some impressive features like two rear cameras will be found on new model, off course with some improvements. The main improvements we can really expect from this new model is new processor and new display screen. Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 will make this phone more powerful with better energy efficiency and just like its rivals, LG will likely use 4K display for G6.
The biggest rumor surrounding LG G6 is undeniably the wireless charging technology. LG is reported that its new wireless charging module will be installed on the new flagship model and that would be LG G6. The new breakthrough will be magnetic resonance technology allowing to charge wirelessly from longer distance and at faster charging speed.

Release Date and Price
Will LG G6 good enough to help LG raises to win the crown in this segment? Well, we can only tell that when LG finally announced its final specs and it still quite some time from now on. LG is expected to launch and release the new flagship phone earlier next year and it will hit the market on April 2017. The price is expected around $650. That’s practically neck and neck with flagship models from other brands so you need to be wiser deciding which one to choose.
  • Download LG G6 User Manual will available in here