The HTC U Play user manual and review is the information which we are going to share here. Perhaps, you are interested in this device and plan to purchase one for your need. It will be something good if you know well about the product first before deciding to buy. It is including knowing about the specs and features before you are going to shop. This is a smart phone by HTC which offers the mid range features as well since it is on that stage of the target market. This smart phone is completed with the great screen which is not less than 5 inches. That is great for giving you comfort in enjoying a lot of tasks as like playing game, browsing, watching videos, and so on. However, this device is still applying the operating system of Android Marshmallow (6.0). Still, you are still able expecting for the better update to the Nougat version in the future. The octa core processor offers the great performance for you who need to do a lot of tasks using your mobile phone. In addition, the points below might give you further helpful info.

HTC U Play
Stylish Metal Body
The HTC U Play user manual and review can say that this product offers the great quality design of the body with its great quality of the metal material. That offers the great durability as well besides the stylish look. It is really important for users who really care about their appearance and for the users who often find problems of their device durability.

Quality of Camera
Another thing you can notice is about the quality of the camera for this mobile phone. This is one of the important points in HTC U Play user manual and review especially if you always love to capture photos and videos through your mobile phone. This offers the high resolution camera, which is about 16 megapixels for the main rear camera. That is completed with the specs of the dual flash light using LED. They are great for fulfilling the need of capturing quality photos even it is only through the mobile phone camera. For the secondary camera, it also has the high resolution which is about 16mp which will be suitable for the selfie photo lovers.

Storage and Performance
The smart phone of HTC U Play offers the great spaces of the internal storages which are available in 64 Gigabytes or also in 32 Gigabytes, with the RAM in 4GB or 3 GB. Those are the great combination which offers the great performance as well for the device especially if you are users with the high need of the great mobile phone performance who needs to run a lot of applications on your device. That is why it becomes one of the points to notice in the HTC U Play user manual and review.

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