The Nokia 6 user manual and review is what we are going to show and share here. Some of you might be attracted by the device of Nokia 6 and might plan to buy one for you. If you are hunting a device of a smart phone, it is such a good idea for you to consider some points about the device before deciding to buy. Then, it can also be the idea of the consideration which can be chosen. That is including about the features, performance, design, and so on. This device is said to be the next smart phone which offers its past success with the great display screen in 5.5”. That is also said that this Nokia smart phone is going to be with the Android Nougat (7.0) with the chipset of Qualcomm snapdragon-430 for the great performance. That is such a good point for getting the recent version of the android as the operating system which gives a bunch of great supports for various tasks and also activities with this device. There are many other points to notice about this smart phone before as we are going to share below.

Nokia 6  
16-Megapixel Primary Camera
One of the good things about the device of Nokia 6 is regarding to its primary camera which is placed on the rear side. That is the reason why it is listed on this Nokia 6 user manual and review. That offers the great resolution with the f / 2.0. There is also the feature of the autofocus. That is great for the users who love taking picture as the documentation anywhere so that the result of the photos can be so satisfying even only taken by a phone camera. What about the secondary camera which is located on the front? That also offers the great quality as well with the 8MP and wide angle feature. That is great for the users who love taking selfie photos.

Nokia 6
Great Internal Storage
Another point you can notice on the Nokia 6 user manual and review is regarding to its great space of the internal memory. That is about 64 gigabytes of the internal memory storage which can be used for placing a lot of apps especially if users are in need of a lot of apps. Then, this device also supports the external memory card of microSD.

Quality Sound
Nokia 6 also offers the great sound with the dual amplifiers or speakers with the Dolby Atmos which will be great for you who love enjoying a lot of entertainments as like video, game, music, and so on. That offers the perfect sound to enjoy. That is why it is one of the points to notice on this Nokia 6 user manual and review.