What will happen if a notebook is completed without a fan? Acer introduces a new innovation for notebook. It is called Acer SwitchAlpha 12 (SA5-271), notebook hybrid 2 – in 1. This is the first hybrid notebook using a cooling system without fan. This is the latest technology embedded for this notebook.

Acer Swich Alpha (SA5 - 271)

Cooling System without Fan
The specification of Switch Alpha 12 is said to be unique and different from most of hybrid notebooks. This notebook 2 – in 1 has used the new technology called LiquidLoop. This is a cooling system that is able to stable the machine temperature of notebook without fan. Because it doesn’t use the fan, this notebook won’t produce noise. You can use it calmly with no noise of notebook engine. No fan makes this notebook any ventilation. This benefit makes your notebook free of dust because there is no air circulation on the notebook engine. If there is no dust kept, it will cause energy efficiency and make it more durable.

Light Weight
If you can’t get far away of notebook, Acer Switch Alpha 12 (SA5-271) becomes a right solution. This notebook has thin size and light weight so that you can bring and take it freely. This is more flexible to do your deadline anywhere. This is completed by kickstand as that can be changed the angle. It has been embedded by docking keyword connecting to magnetic angles enabling this device to convert to be tablet or laptop easily. Docking keyboard is thin with backlit so that it is still used in any dark places.

High Resolution Display
Switch Alpha has 12” screen display with high resolution, QHD 2160 x 1440 pixels. It is also supported by IPS technology so that it has wider view area so that it is appropriate for working with spreadsheet. When you work routinely with laptop, you must be careful because it makes your eyes tired and dried easily. To anticipate it, Switch Alpha 12 has feature of Acer BlueLight Shield, a technology able to protect your eyes from blue light emission of laptop screen. Stylus pen is able to detect a pressure sensor on the screen too much.

Faster Data Transfer
Switch Alpha 12 has been supported by the standard of new USB called USB 3.1 Type – C. This USB system has some strength that can be enjoyed than the previous one. It has practical port in which you can enjoy faster data transfer up to 5 Gpbs. So, what are you waiting for? Acer Switch Alpha 12 (SA5-271) is a right laptop for your multitasking activities.

Download Acer Swich Alpha 12 (SA5 - 271) User Manual :
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