To capture the best moments in a thrilling action, you often need not only the best action camera, but also the best shooting angle. GoPro has released a series of action cameras that are considered the best in their class. If you have purchased one of them, it would be an excellent idea if you also purchase GoPro’s drone, which allows you to shoot from the best angle.
So far, GoPro has experimented with GoPro KARMA, which, for a time, was considered the best drone to be paired with GoPro’s action camera. However, an electrical failure that caused the drone to suddenly fall out when airborne prompted the company to issue a global recall for this drone and to offer a full refund.

Despite the failure, GoPro KARMA is widely considered the best action camera drone that offers many great features. It also marks the company’s seriousness in exploring the drone sector. This review of GoPro KARMA will show you the company’s attempt to offer the best drone for its cameras and what feature the possible successor of this drone will likely offer.

GoPro KARMA Features
In brief, GoPro KARMA is a capable drone that flies with perfect stability. When airborne, it will stay steadily at the designated position, allowing users to pick the best angle without wasting time and energy. Another feature that makes GoPro KARMA an excellent drone is its easy and convenient packing and porting. When not used, the drone can be easily disassembled and packed in the included backpack, which GoPro designs in a specific way to allow each arm to occupy its own dedicated compartment. GoPro KARMA is also easy to control. Even people who never use a quadcopter can steer the machine with zero trouble. The biggest pro of using GoPro KARMA is definitely its high-quality camera because GoPro KARMA is manufactured by a top action camera maker.

The Future of GoPro’s Drone
GoPro KARMA with all features that it offers definitely signifies GoPro’s seriousness in providing its fans with a handy vehicle that can put its camera at the best position possible to gain the best shooting angle. The drone’s stability, portability and convenience of operation definitely make it a truly worth-purchasing product. We believe that the global recall isn’t a sign that GoPro will not manufacture any other drones in the future. By looking at how excellently GoPro designs its KARMA quadcopter, we can make an early estimation that KARMA’s excellence will carry over into any possible future models.

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