Xiaomi Mi Drone
Xiaomi Mi Drone Review and User Manual

Xiaomi never fails to amaze us with its products, and now this company shows their magic once again in the super remarkable Xiaomi Mi Drone. Actually this drone has pretty much the same features with other products in its class. But what makes this Xiaomi drone stands out is its price. It is much cheaper than other drones with similar specifications without sacrificing the quality. If you are interesting to purchase this drone too, let’s read this review first.

Camera (Xiaomi Mi Drone)
Xiaomi Mi Drone has very impressive camera. The 17.4 MP camera is capable to take pictures with 1080 P resolution and record 4K HD video. It means, this drone is very suitable to shoot film scenes that require impressive graphics. The 104 degree lens is super wide and it is definitely one of the widest in its class. With this super wide lens, you will never miss any beautiful views anymore.

Track and Return (Xiaomi Mi Drone)
Flying System
The camera is indeed remarkable. But it is the flying system that makes Xiaomi Mi Drone really great. It has automatic take-off and landing feature as well as Return to Home feature. If you activate this feature, your drone will go straight back to the Home Point when the battery is about to die. The excellent battery capacity enables the drone to fly for 27 minutes straight without any pause. This is a pretty impressive number, but it is best if you activate the Return to Home feature to be safe.

Moreover, this drone is also equipped with Tap to Fly feature. Simply tap a spot in the map and your drone will find its way to go there. There is no need to navigate, and it will be a really great way to operate the drone for beginners. Even when you are a drone expert with plenty of experience flying a drone, accident is still possible to happen. This drone control range is 2 kilometers. When your drone crashed, it can be pretty hard to find it in such a huge range. But you don’t have to worry about that because this drone comes with real time location tracking. Thanks to the excellent GPS and GLONASS, you can easily track the whereabouts of your crashed drone.

You can also make controlling the drone easier by activating the route planning feature. Before you fly the drone, you can set the route on the map and the drone will fly according to your plan and go back safely to you afterwards. With this feature, you can enjoy the pictures yourXiaomi Mi Drone capture without having to navigate it.
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