How Huawei Reinvented Smartphone Photography
Smartphone camera becomes more and more advanced not only to take selfies but to take a beautifully composed photo. There are many people use smartphone camera to support their photography hobby and know what kind of potential it has. But a smartphone with a Leica certified camera, well, that’s definitely a big thing. Huawei P9 is the first even smartphone with Leica name attached to it.  This is Huawei’s take to make its flagship phone competitive with other flagship phones.

Huawei P9
Reinventing Smartphone Photography
It is already known that camera is a crucial feature of every smartphone. The market is expecting of smartphone with powerful camera able to shoot crystal clear image or high definition video. It seems like Huawei take a step further from its competitors with this Huawei P9. It can’t be denied that the Leica camera becomes the main attraction of this phone model. It is important to recall than the camera is Leica certified and not manufactured by Leica. However, it is still proven superior compared to other smartphone cameras. It can really deliver awesome experience using the camera to produce image or video like no other. It also comes with professional camera features to make everyone shoots like a professional photographer. That’s what reinventing smartphone photography really is.
Huawei P9
Premium Specs for Flagship Phone
But still, Huawei P9 is a smartphone not a digital camera. To make it flagship smartphone, it comes with premium specs. Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin 955 octacore chip becomes the heart of this smartphone. It is supported with 4GB RAM and powerful GPU for seamless operation of Android 6.0.1 based EMUI. The display is also superb with 5-inch IPS-NEO screen for Full HD at 16 million color. This phone also offers superior connectivity with its triple antenna for superior signal reception and series of conectivities from WiFi to Bluetooth and more. All those premium specs can be optimized with 3,000mAh battery.

Release Date and Price
Huawei P9 has been released to market in months so it won’t be difficult to find this smartphone. This smartphone model is offered at $600, such quite a price. It is still struggling competing with more established brand in this market however, the Leica name really helps improves the position of this smartphone. Those who really want more than just a mobile communication device but also a powerful camera, would see Huawei P9 as a good option. It’s a highly capable smartphone after all.

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