If you want to shoot a fast speed scene or you just want to have a try on a very sophisticated drone, DJI Phantom 4 is the one you should choose. We are very satisfied with the features in the previous DJI Phantoms, but this new model is even better than the predecessor. It takes some of the best features from the ever popular DJI Phantom 3, but it also has more excellent features that make this drone far easier to operate. Here are some of the greatest things you can get from this remarkable drone.

Drone DJI Phantom 4
The 12 MP camera in this drone is capable to record 4K video and produce 4000x3000 image resolution. The best thing about this drone is definitely the ActiveTrack mode. This feature use computer vision that lets the camera identify an object and move around automatically to track it. Moreover, thanks to the upgraded Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the camera is 5 times more stable than the previous model so smoother footage is to be expected.

Flying System
Drone doesn’t come cheap. So, we tend to use it very carefully because we are afraid the drone will crash and it will turn into a thousand dollars mess. But you don’t have to worry about that if you use DJI Phantom 4 because this drone comes with Obstacle Sensing System. With this feature, when the drone senses an obstacle in front of it, it will make a swift turn so it won’t crash. This feature can only be used when the drone is moving forward.

Drone DJI Phantom 4
This drone can be operated in 3 different flying modes. The first one is P-mode (Positioning mode). The flying speed is around 25 miles per hour. When the drone is flying in this mode and you are activating the GPS, you can turn on the Obstacle Sensing System and TapFly. With the TapFly feature, you can operate the drone with your smartphone. Simply tap a spot in your smartphone and your DJI Phantom 4 will fly straight to that place.

The second flying mode is A-mode (Attitude mode) with 35 miles per hour flying speed and the third one is S-mode (Sport mode) which will be your favorite if you are really fond of high velocity flying. Even though the Obstacle Sensing System cannot be activated in this mode, you can get huge adrenaline rush because it has around 45 miles per hour flying speed. When you need to shoot high speed scene in high resolution,DJI Phantom 4 will really help you.

  • Phanthom 4 User Manual v1.2 PDF, download
  • Phanthom 4 Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines v1.2 PDF, download
  • Phanthom 4 User Manual v1.2 (IT) PDF, download
  • Phanthom 4 User Manual v1.2 (RU) PDF, download
  • Car Charger for Phanthom 4 User Manual PDF, download
  • Phanthom 4 Intelligent Fight Battery Charging Hub User Manual PDF, download
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