Get Ready for the New Xiaomi Redmi 4
Xiaomi is going to host an event in China this Thursday and it promises a big thing there. It going to be a new product release for sure and that’s would be from Redmi family. There have been so many rumors which product to release. It is predicted that the queen of the ball will be the new Xiaomi Redmi 4 and if that’s true, that’s a shed of light for this long awaited smartphone.
Xiaomi with its Redmi series really shakes the smartphone market. Its new models become among the most expected ones. Xiaomi Redmi 4 is no different from others. Following the success of Redmi 3, public has been expecting what kind of new improvements Xiaomi will bring for its very popular smartphone series. There have been so many rumors about this smartphone model including those images claimed to be the new Redmi 4. It seems like Xiaomi wants to put us out of misery that the launching schedule, which was expected on this September, is pushed tomorrow.

What’s New
Redmi 4 is expected to have full metal body, a huge leap from the previous model. From some leaked image posted online, the new model will be quite similar with Redmi Note 3 with smaller size. There’s fingerprint scanner on the rear case right below the main camera. From the specs side, it is expected to have quite improvements. More powerful Snapdragon 625 processor at 2GHz will be more than capable to run the latest MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0. The display will be 5 inch 1080 screen supported with Adreno 506 graphic processor for impressive video display. The dual camera 13MP main and 5MP front are great and it comes with bigger power pack at 4,100 mAh battery. It is reported that Redmi 4 will be available at two versions: 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB.

Value for Money
The strong brand image of Xiaomi is best value for money and for this new model, it still carries on. The new Redmi 4 is expected to cost around $100 to make it very competitive with other models from the same segments. Let’s see whether tomorrow Xiaomi will release Redmi 4 or not. If that’s true, it will shut all speculations. Once it is launched, it won’t be long before it is available on the market.