LG V20 Specs, Features, and Release Date
The LG V20 is one of the products from LG which is going to be released this year. Of course, we have not heard about LG in a long time and of course we are going to welcome their new product of smart phone called LG V20. Surely, if you have been understood the quality of LG and want to get the info about their new product of smart phone, perhaps you need to know about the product of LG V20 which is going to be realised soon. Sure, this is still the upcoming smart phone from LG and it is still not launched yet. However, the LG V20 becomes the product of smart phone from the successor of V 10 which has hit in the end of 2015. That is one of the booming handset from LG recently and LG V20 is supposed to be the next series one. However, the name can still be an LG V20 or even it can also be LG V11. It is still not clear yet and there is still no official confirmation from LG. That information actually came from ET News. That is a Korean site.

LG V20
LG V20 Specs and Features
Actually, since it is not officially launched and announced yet by LG, there is still no official information about the features and specs of LG V20. However, there is always some prediction which is commonly near or close to the real specs and features for the upcoming gadget. That is said to use the large display screen using a Quad HD. It might be still not that really far from its predecessor, which used the 5.7” display screen with Qualcomm snapdragon-808 as the processor with the RAM which is about 4 Gigabytes. That can be the information and overview on how the LG V20 will be. While, for the camera, that can still be the same as V10, which uses a 5mp front camera for self capture, and also the rear camera as the primary one which has the resolution of about 16mp. However, for the LG V20 camera, it can still be possibly upgraded.

LG V20 Release Date
Of course, many of people who are waiting for the product of LG V20 could not wait to know when it will be released. The released date will be around September 2016. That is still the prediction and it is still not the official information from LG. However, it can be predicted from the previous series one which is also launched in the end of this year, so possibly LG V20 will be launched in this September.

"Until the news was revealed,we do not get pdf link for user manual". LG V20 User Manual will available in here. For now you can learn user manual for  LG V10, because it was some features in common.
Download LG V10 User Manual (English) in here