It’s no longer a surprise that Samsung wanted to expand its Galaxy C series. Just like other Galaxy series, Samsung wants to cover wider, if not all, segments. Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy C5, this line is positioned as fashionable smartphone with metal case and respectable specifications. The success of C5 was soon followed by Samsung Galaxy C7 and there has been rumors that Samsung is ready to release the brand new Samsung Galaxy C9.

Improved Specs and Features
According to several news available online, this new model number is SM-C9000 and attributed with code name Amy. Samsung Galaxy C9 will be the top of the line for Galaxy C series and it is going to have some improvements compared to previous models. Put it in Samsung’s way it means the new C9 will have a bigger display. It’s rumored that it will have 5.7-inch touchscreen display with 1080 resolution although there’s also chance that Samsung will opt for 6-inch Full HD SUPER AMOLED display.
Some other improvements for C9 are including more advanced processor and bigger storage capacity. It is reported that this new model will get new Snapdragon 617 processor from Qualcomm at 4GB RAM. This is a major improvement as it is one of the most capable mobile processor today and a clear message that it is a strong contender for this segment. Combined with expanded storage of 32GB, this new model is ready for more advanced apps and able to deliver better mobile experience. Other advanced features reported for C9 are including LTE and finger print’s recognition. From the camera side, 16MP primary camera will be a focus of attention for those camera persons. These specs and features will make C9 one of the most capable mid-range smartphone in the market. For the other specs and features, there’s currently no reliable information available.

Release Date and Price
Off course those specs and features above are rumors widely available. We won’t really know the real specs and features until Samsung officially announce Galaxy C9 release date. The good news is it won’t be too long from now. It is confirmed that India’s import tracker Zabua has listed this new model shipped to India for testing purposes. Another information we can get from there is the price of this new smartphone model is set at Rs17,000 or approximately $250. Off course, this isn’t the final price and it can be changed when Samsung Galaxy C9 is officially launched.