Prediction of iPad Mini 5 Specification
Many people are expecting iPad Mini 5. It is predicted that this Tablet will be released next September. Some information about the specs of this device has been announced. If you are looking forward to hold the iPad Mini 5, here are some of the specs and features you will find in this Tablet.

Will it look the same as iPad Mini 4?
The iPad Mini 4 is claimed to be the thinnest tablet. What about the iPad Mini 5? Is it thinner than the predecessor? The answer is yes. This tablet is only 5 mm thick. Though it is thinner, it doesn’t mean that it is weak and less durable. The new iPad Mini is made of high quality material. It is predicted that it has ‘bendgate’ (7000 aluminum body). This material is similar to the one used in iPhone 6 body.  It means that the new iPad is more durable than the predecessor.
The design of the iPad Mini 5 is almost similar to the Mini 4. However, rumor has it that there will be new color varian. If you already have a rose gold iPhone, now you can match it with a rose gold iPad Mini 5.

What rumor has it about iPad Mini 5 specs?
There are many rumors going on around the upcoming iPad Mini 5. Some tech journalists made some predictions about the new iPad Mini. They think that it will have 3D touch similar to those in iPhone 6. With this technology, iPad users can touch several parts of the screen to get several command options.
They predicted that this Tablet is operated by iOS 10. This operation system is similar to the iPhone 7 which will be launched at the same time with this iPad. Meanwhile, it is predicted that the processor used in iPad Mini 5 is different from the Mini 4. It will be powered with A9 Apple processor and M9 motion co-processor. This processor takes less energy to run so that the new iPad Mini will likely have weaker battery.
This upcoming Tablet features 1P68 protection. With this protection, you don’t need to worry about water exposure on your new iPad. The 1P68 protection will make it a waterproof Tablet. The new iPad Mini is equipped with front and rear camera. The selfie camera is only 1.2 MP. It may not be suitable for those who love selfie. However, the primary one is quite excellent with 8MP camera.

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