Brief Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The product of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can be such an awaiting product of smart phone among people. That can also be more interesting for them who are the lovers of Samsung. That is such that interesting thing and becomes really popular even it has not been released yet. That is why there are so many people who are interested in making some ideas and also about the prediction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
If you are interested in knowing and waiting for this product, of course you will get a lot of ideas regarding to this Smartphone product. Samsung has announced that they will release some products in this year, 2016. That might be including the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That is the prediction which comes that the device will be launched in this August. Surely, the next Galaxy note would not be the Not3 6 but it will be Note 7. That is one of the rumours which come from this part of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung. However, getting some sneak a peek can be such the interesting thing even it is still only the prediction and still not the official info from Samsung about Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note Specs and Features
For the prediction of the features and specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this device will use the Android 7 operating system or android nougat. The chipset is predicted to be using the Qualcomm snapdragon-821. The camera will still use a 12 megapixel primary camera for the front with the features of OIS, Autofocus, LED flash, geo tagging, and so on. The camera has the clear result and becomes really fascination for them who love capturing moment using their mobile phone. Then, there is also the secondary camera with the resolution of 5 megapixels with the features of Auto HDR, dual video call, and many others. Even though the resolution of the secondary camera is not that high but of course, we can know how clear the Samsung smart phone camera is commonly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date
As we have mentioned before, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not been released yet. That is going to be released this year. It is predicted to be in August 2016. However, that is still not clear. It is still not the official information from Samsung. The information about the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is commonly obtained from the research and prediction.

"Until the news was revealed,we do not get pdf link for user manual". Samsung Galaxy Note 7 User Manual will available in here. For now you can learn user manual for  Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Note 3, because it was some features in common.
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