Sony xperia XA ultra can be seen as the smart phone which took the concept of C5 Ultra. People can find the smart phone display with no border. Of course people can expect that it also has relation with Xperia XA. If people learn about the specification of the smart phone further, they will find that Xperia XA Ultra comes with the same chipset with Xperia XA. However, people can get more since there is better RAM, display resolution, and camera.  People must not ignore the two main cameras on this smart phone which becomes the most interesting part of the smart phone.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra
The very first thing which will catch people’s attention from Xperia XA Ultra is the design of the smart phone. It comes with display which has 6 inches size but it is borderless. Compared to iPhone 6s Plus, this smart phone comes with wider size after all. One thing for sure, people can also see that this handset is tall. This handset comes with premium feel because it comes with the front glass with contemporary 2.5D specification. The frame for this phablet is made from metal and of course it will increase the premium feel from the handset. Better design look can also be found from the matte back.

The sony xperia XA ultra should be considered as the premium phablet and of course people will expect better performance from this handset. There is no doubt that this handset comes with great performance since it is powered by the chipset from Mediatek Helio P10. People cannot ignore the role of RAM with 3GB capacity which can support the chipset performance. As for the storage, the handset comes with 16GB built in storage. However, people can get extra storage with the microSD expansion support.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra
The great thing which people can find from this smart phone is the camera feature. The smart phone comes with the front camera which has 16MP resolution which can promise great selfie result for sure. It comes with LED flash, optical image stabilization, as well as sensor with 1/2.6” type. People will be more amazed with the rear camera which comes with 21.5MP resolution. It comes with the LED flash, hybrid autofocus which has object tracking support, as well as the sensor with 1/ 2.4” type. People will get the handset with two main cameras. The battery life can last for up to two days and it can show the greatness of sony xperia XA ultra.
  • Xperia XA Ultra User Guide as PDF Download
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