OnePlus 3; the Real Mobile Powerhouse for Gamers and Photographers
OnePlus 3 is possibly one of the most powerful mobile devices with the best price that are available today. Believed to be a mobile powerhouse of the present that boasts powerful performance components including 6 GB of RAM, Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor, and Adreno 530 graphic processing unit, OnePlus 3 is obviously a future-proof gadget that can be one of today’s most wanted mobile devices. With such powerful engine, even the most power-hungry games will run like a breeze on this phone. Multitasking and heavy-duty handling can also be accommodated perfectly. Its 64 GB of internal storage is so spacious that it will surely make you forget about attaching an external storage card to this device, which you indeed cannot do as this phone doesn’t feature external memory slot. The device is currently tagged at $400, a price that is considered perfect for a futuristic gadget with powerful engine.

OnePlus 3
Although powerful engine is the top of the bill of this smartphone and is pervasively mentioned in smartphone reviews, it is not the only feature that OnePlus 3 offers. There are a number of additional great features that really make this smartphone stand out. Many powerful gadgets that are released up to today are known to be battery hungry. OnePlus 3 features a revolutionary charging technology called Dash Charge, which allows the device’s battery to be fully charged more quickly. Thanks to this technology, you can use the device for an entire day by charging the device for only half an hour. OnePlus 3 claims that its charging mechanism is much better than that of Nexus 6P and S7 Edge.
OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 features a pair of great cameras on its front and its back. Its 8-MP front camera guarantees crisp and clear image as well as stutter-free live video. The selfie camera is enhanced with smile detection technology that automatically capture the image of your face when you smile to the camera, without pressing any button. The 16-MP camera is not only powerful, but also technology-laden. With optical and electronic image stabilization technologies, no blurry image or video will appear on the screen. With auto-HDR and dynamic de-noise technologies, every captured image and video will look so picturesque and amazing.

With all powerful features that it offers as well as with its design that is sleek and slim, OnePlus 3 is definitely one of the most desirable gadgets that you can buy today. Check this product out and enjoy all great features that it offers.

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