Xiaomi Mi 4S User Manual and Review
Getting info about xiaomi mi 4s user manual and review is a good idea if you are really interested in this mobile phone. The gadget offers a bunch of the good things which can be obtained. That is including if you are completely that interested in having such the helpful idea about the features of this smartphone. Sure, this device offers a bunch of improvements compared to its predecessor. That is why it is such a good thing if we can simply go finding the best idea on dealing with the info from this product. The features of this smartphone, including the design which is offered can be a good way to consider whether it is the device we are looking for or not.
Xiaomi mi 4s
MI 4S Performance.
From the xiaomi mi 4s user manual and review, we get the info about the use of Hexa Core Snap Dragon-808 Processor. That is accompanies with the RAM in 3 Gigabytes. This device also utilizes the Adreno-418 GPU which is offered to give the comfort for the game lovers to enjoy their mobile gaming session with this device. Besides of that, it also offers the better security with the feature of the scanner of fingerprint which is located on its back area.

The Quality Photos and Videos.
Another good thing which people also always notice is about the quality of the photos which are produced by the camera of this mobile phone. From the 13-MP camera which is attached on the back of the phone, it can produce the quality photos and videos. The primary camera is also completed with the dual LED flash, and also auto focus of phase detection. For recording the video, that can shoot the video which is full HD. In addition, the Mi 4S also offers the secondary front camera which is in 5 megapixel that is also great as a selfie camera since it is also completed by the feature of autofocus. That will be a great point for the users who love taking selfie photos.

The Appearance of MI 4S.
For the appearance, the Mi 4S offers the better design. The body of this smartphone uses the metal material with the double glass. Unlike the previous phones from Xiaomi which used the plastic material, the Mi 4S uses the metal material for the body. That results the elegant yet premium look. Besides the material of the device, the design which is much sleeker and also clean makes it looks more luxurious.

The camera also looks neat on the top left. However, this 5” smartphone offers the not too satisfying design about the battery which is not replaceable by the user. Still, other factors from xiaomi mi 4s user manual and review can be the other considerations to notice.