With both phones are released on market, the issue of iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge should be an interesting topic for enthusiast. We want to know the king of the flagships so we don’t need to waste money on second best phone. Here is a little discussion on it.

Both phones are improved in design. iPhone used to be sharp and the new one is curvier than ever. It makes more comfortable phone to use daily. Meanwhile, S7 also appears very appealing with combination of metal and glass that result in exclusive look. On display, S7 uses Super Amoled with advanced options to adjust the display. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 uses IPS LCS with 3D touch that can’t be underestimated against the Super Amoled. They both have nice designs that should be accommodating for recent users. None of them looks more exclusive than the other.
Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
The S7 uses Snapdragon 820 quad-core/Exynos 8890 octa core for the CPU, Mali-T880 MP12/Adreno 530 of GPU with 4GB of RAM. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 uses Apple A9 64 bit dual core CPU with 2Gb RAM. After critical testing among enthusiasts, we must admit that Samsung wins this time in this comparison. Their specs are proven to be reliable and most supporting on all tasks a smartphone can have. Beside the brains, both phones also use updated software to run everything. S7 uses Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with TouchWiz UI. iPhone 6 uses iOS 9.3. This time, Apple wins as Samsung didn’t learn from previous model, so their software keeps making flaws on the same place.
Apple iPhone 6
Features and Price
In a matter of storage, iPhone needs to admit its defeat. It is offered on three options of storage, 16, 64, or 128 GB. Meanwhile, S7 is offered with 32GB of internal memory but buyers can expand using microSD to almost biggest amount they can find. S7 is also completed with 12 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera. Both are enriched with nice tech to boost performance. iPhone 6 is completed with exactly the same resolution and competing performance to the S7 cameras. Finally, buyers can prefer on S7 as it is offered around £569 while iPhone 6 is offered around £539 to £699 for approximately the same performance.

In sum, each smartphone has its own strength and flaws. Fan base should influence the selling number. If you want to go exclusive, you should go for iPhone 6. Bt if you want to more access and integration, Samsung will be better. The discussion on iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge results in taste instead of efficiency though.

Battery Life
The result Samsung Galaxy S7 edge which has a battery of 3600 mAh has a screen-on time of six hours and 17h 48m standby. However, this test proved that the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge admirable, this is the result of battery life by GSMArena.

Result of battery life test (GSM Arena)

Test Speed
On video, you can learn about quality speed of samsung galaxy s7 and apple iPhone 6. he did some experiments and the result is when open Facebook (Galaxy s7 win), open Instagram (Galaxy s7 win), open Twitch ( Galaxy s7 win), open PlayStore (Galaxy s7 win), Open Tample Run (iphone 6 win), open Subway Surfers (iphone 6 win), open Youtube (iPhone  win), open GTA (iPhone 6 win), open Google Search (Galaxy s7 win), etc. We thought to test the speed is quite interesting because of draw or you can judge for yourself which one is the champion.

Coca - cola Freeze Test 9 Hours
Amazing phone, Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6 can survive in freeze 9 hours. Unbelievable, even Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6 can work well.

Drop Test
After drop test Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6 can work well although on Galaxy s7 getting quite serious damage.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge manual
After read/watch review and video above, have you decided which is the best and fit to you ?, to complete this article here's Samsung galaxy s7 edge manual by verizon