It is great to have Mi4s and to make it maximal, you have to learn more about this gadget. One of them is by learning about bootloader, custom recovery and rom for Mi4s. In fact, you need to unlock those two features to make your beloved Mi4s runs well. Here, you can learn the steps to unlock bootloader, custom recovery and rom for Mi4s.

Xiaomi Mi4s
The first thing you need to learn is how to unlock bootloader. To begin the unlock process you need to visit first. Then, you can download and launch the app for unlock the bootloader. When you have launch the app, you can continue the next step in which you should fastboot the mi phone. In this case, you have to press down volume and the power when you shut the phone down. Later, you will see some instructions and of course you just need to follow the instruction to unlock the bootloader. When the unlock process is success, you will see a sign “unlocking success” and you are asking to restart your phone. After successfully unlock bootloader, now you can also start the custom recovery. The first thing to do is downloading the recovery Mi4s as well as downloading the adb by visiting After that, you just need to install the program to begin the custom recovery. Don’t forget to fast boot your phone first and connect it to your PC.

Now, let’s move to you PC. Just go to C:\ADB directory. In this file, you have to find the recovery file first. The recovery file is recovery_aqua.img. After finding it, just cut and paste it. The next step is pressing “shift and right click” and opening the command window. Now, focus on the empty command window.  Just type “fastboot devices” and press enter. The purpose of typing the words is to make sure that your device is recognized by the PC. To flash the recovery, you can just type new words ”fastboot flash recovery recovery_aqua.img”. Don’t forget to press enter to make the recovery in the form of TWRP. The last step to do is installing the rom or *.zip extension from this recovery.

That’s it! Now, you know how to unlock bootloader, custom recovery and rom for your beloved Mi4s. If there is something wrong during the process, just start it from the beginning until show successful sign. Just try it step by step while reading this article and hopefully you can do it well to make the performance of Mi4s maximal.  

How to Unlock Bootloader, Custom Recovery and Rom Mi4s