The xiaomi mi 5 user manual and review will help anyone to get an overview about this device so much.That helps you on getting a bunch of simplicity to really know about this smartphone. However, it can helpus to remember about what we need and what we should obtain about the smartphone. Why don’t we find the ideas about the features and design of this smartphone so that we can notice whether this device provides what we truly need or not. Surely, if we still underestimate the products from China, we need toknow about this smartphone and even other products from Xiaomi which can help you to open your mind and get another better thing about the china products.

Xiaomi mi 5
Great Camera and Display.
One of the good things which can be obtained from Xiaomi Mi 5 is about the quality of the camera. For the main camera which is located on the rear of the body, that offers the 16MP Sony IMX-298 camera. That offers the resolution which is about 3456x4608 resolutions. Then, besides the primary one, this device is also completed with a 4MP front camera as the secondary one. The camera offers the great quality photos and videos to be captured. Then, for the screen display, it is quite large which has the size of about 5.15 inches. The screen is using the IPS LCD technology which has the resolution of about 1080 pixels. That offers the sharp visual and also the better performance of 3D graphic.

The Technology and Performance.
When we are talking about the performance, then we need to know about the processor. From the xiaomi mi 5 user manual and review, we will know that this device uses the processor of Snapdragon-820. Xiaomi Mi 5 User Manual and Review as the Consideration However, it depends on your choice. For the operating system of this phone, it uses the MIUI-7 OS. For the options you can choose whether the 32GB, 64GB, or with 126GB. Mi 5 also offers the technology of Qualcomm which can provide the fast charging. You can get about 80 percent of the battery charge from0 in only less than one hour.

The Smartphone Design.
Another thing we need to notice is about the design. The design of Mi 5 is completely that really adorable.This has the solid design of the body with its simple look. That also uses the frame from the chamfered metals and also the glass back of the body. For the exclusive edition of Mi 5, we will also find the use of uniform ceramic cover. That is great on attaining the sapphire resistance and also the scratch. We also can find the waterproof feature which will be great for you who often do activities which are highly exposed by the water. That is one of the considerations to be noticed from the xiaomi mi 5 user manual and review.

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