HTC One M10 Preview
HTC One M10 is upcoming smart phone awaited by many people and people cannot hold back their curiosity about this smart phone by HTC. People will have question about when this device can be released to the market. They will also have question about the specification which can be found from the device. People cannot find the full information about this smart phone device yet but at least people are able to get more information about things which they will get from the device. It is the next flagship smart phone product from HTC after all.
HTC One M10

People will get disappointed with the fact that there is no clear information and certainty about the specification of HTC One M10. Nevertheless, it is said that this smart phone product will be supported with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as the chipset. If this chipset is really used for the smart phone device, there is nothing than powerful performance which people can expect from the device. People surely have great expectation with this information about Snapdragon 820 becomes the latest flagship chipset for mobile product offered by Qualcomm. There is high possibility that the smart phone will be supported by latest operating system by Android, Marshmallow 6.0 series.

Fingerprint Sensor
Just like any other flagship product from various brands which can be found recently, it seems like further security support for the device can be found with the fingerprint scanner. There is no question that people have expectation about fingerprint scanner from the One M10 due to the fact that HTC becomes the company which has concerns in biometrics. Fingerprint scanner can also be found from HTC One A9 as well as HTC One M9+ so this feature is likely able to be found in One M10 as well.

There is new trend which can be found in the smart phone industry associated with the USB. There is new standard of USB which can be found recently called USB Type C. There is no evidence that this new USB standard will be used for the One M10 yet but of course there will be good opportunity that this smart phone device will have new connector of USB C feature.

As for the camera, there is possibility that this smart phone comes with 23MP camera but there is also information that it will be 12MP UltraPixel camera. High resolution of QHD screen display and 3000mAh battery will be great combination for HTC One M10.

for the current user manual is not available, we will update if the user manual is available. Some fitur may be same as HTC OneM7 series.