Lenovo Yoga 710 Review
Lenovo Yoga 710 becomes one of the new laptop tablet hybrid product which is offered by Lenovo. Along with Lenovo Yoga 500 series, this model becomes the hybrid product by Lenovo which comes with more affordable price compared to the Lenovo Yoga 900. People will be able to find the similarity of the Lenovo series. It has ability to be turned around 360 degrees and it means that the device can be used as tablet or laptop. Besides the price which is affordable, it comes with latest processor and longer lasting battery. It comes with premium look but there is no clock model hinge which can be found from the high end Lenovo Yoga with standard hinge for laptop.
Lenovo Yoga 710

Screen Display
Lenovo Yoga 710 is offered with 11 inches screen size although people can also find the device with standard laptop size with 14 inches screen display. Booth sizes have the IPS display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It means that the screen will look great from different angles. This must be great feature which people can find from hybrid laptop tablet device because they are able to enjoy the best screen no matter where they look.

This series is offered with different screen size so people maybe will have question whether this device will be supported with different chipset. Yes, it is supported with different processor after all. The device which comes with 11 inches screen display size is powered with the processor from Intel Core M. This is the processor which is also used in the 12 inches sized MacBook by Apple, Core m5. The processor which should come with great performance is supported with the 8GB memory of RAM as well as SSD with up to 256GB capacity.

Meanwhile, people can find pretty different chipset specification for the laptop tablet hybrid device which has 14 inches screen display size. The configuration which is more standard can be found from this option. It is supported with the processor from Core i-series to Intel Core i7. It is also offered with the graphic chipset which is optional from nVidia GeForce 940 M. It means that people can find more laptop function from the hybrid which comes with bigger screen display size. Last but not least, people surely will have question about the weight of this product since it should be hybrid. It is pretty lightweight since the 11 inches one has 1.07kg of weight and the 1.65kg of weight can be found from 14 inches sized Lenovo Yoga 710.
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