iPhone 7 Pro Preview
Iphone 7 Pro sounds like the smart phone product from Apple which is awaited just like iPhone 7 in 2016. Every information leak will be able to attract people very easily because we cannot deny that people are very curious about the surprise which can be offered by Apple for the latest smart phone product which can be the foundation of the world for setting the flagship smart phone product. People have great expectation about the latest smart phone product by Apple and people cannot wait to grab the real device once the picture of the product is leaked.
Apple Iphone 7
iPhone 7 Pro
There is no doubt that people have very big question about the beast which will be offered by Apple for the next release. It means that people have question a lot about iPhone 7 Pro which comes with the 5.5 inches screen display size. It must be new model which can be found from the flagship device by Apple. This device will be placed above the iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus. The three phones will be released in September after all. When people see the leaked picture of the beast device by Apple, people will pay attention to the dual lens camera which can be revolutionary feature for the smart phone device. There is opinion that the picture of the beast which is released can be the prototype version of the product but people cannot find the truth until the release date. Before people have increasing curiosity about the Pro version of iPhone 7, it must be so much better to learn more about things which they may get from iPhone 7.

iPhone 7
Rumors about iPhone 7 are spreading widely but people can find one big question about this device. They are curious about the dual sensor camera which can be found or not from the smart phone device. The photo of iPhone 7 is leaked and people can get information from it. Although people cannot get the detail information, from the leaked photo they can see that the design of the new Apple smart phone is similar to the iPhone 6/6S. However, they will not find antenna lines on the back of the chassis. It is replaced with the thin strip of antenna at the bottom and it makes neater look for the new smart phone. Unfortunately, from the photo people cannot find enough space which can be used for placing dual sensor camera unlike Iphone 7 Pro.
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