ZTE Blade V7 Lite Review
ZTE Blade V7 Lite made its debut at MWC 2016. This is the latest model which adds the Blade series offered by ZTE. People can find the smart phone which looks nice. The nice looking is not the only great thing which can be found because they will also be able to find the decent specification as well as the price which is affordable. It seems like this smart phone is made for targeting the younger users. 50 countries become the selling market of this product although it did not arrive on the US yet.
ZTE Blade V7
It is sure that the very first thing which people will pay attention from the latest smart phone product is the design of the device. From the name of the device, people maybe have prediction that the smart phone will have smaller size than the ZTE Blade V7 version and it is true. It only comes with five inches display size which has 720 pixels resolution. It is great that this smart pone has decent build quality although it comes with a little bit toy like design. Nevertheless, it is pretty suitable for the target audience of the device. It might be applied with the coating which is able to attract a lot of fingerprints.

Fingerprint Scanner
ZTE Blade V7 Lite comes with the specification which is a little bit different from the ZTE Blade V7 since it comes with the circular fingerprint feature for its biometric security. It can be a little bit strange decision for ZTE for applying this fingerprint scanner instead of other features because it is kind of Lite model for lower end market.

Further specification of this smart phone of course will be another interesting thing to find out more. The performance of this device is supported with the quad core chipset from MediaTek. It is combined with 2GB of RAM as well as expandable storage with 16GB capacity. This device is also supported with the rear and front facing camera which has same resolution, 8MP as well as LED flash for both. It comes with Android Marshmallow which is up to date operating system although the device is filled with the bloat ware apps as well as cartoony graphics. With no more than ten home screens, people can find the user experience which is strained and laggy. Pretty comprehensive performance can be found from the camera app. With its advanced options and also manual controls ability, people can be impressed withZTE Blade V7 Lite.
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