You should not doubt the qualification of oppo R7 plus. The name of this phone adds plus point from specification until the features. As high class gadget, this android is using quad-core 1.5 and 1.0. Of course, this combination is giving faster result for the cpu where people will be happier to use it. The memory card is bigger with internal memory 32GB, 3GB RAM and for 4GB RAM, it is 64GB. Also, for the camera the quality is having high resolution and very useful.

Oppo R7 Plus
Oppo R7 Plus User Manual and review will give you a better overview about this excellent gadget. It looks like mini television which can be carried on everywhere since it is handy and sharp resolution. The metal body is so sophisticated where you can lock and unlock the phone easily. The price tag is so reasonable for many benefits that you can get. You can watch videos and playing game without any trouble. Even you are reading small font, the screen is so sharp with good viewers. You can add the light if you need to read little font.

Oppo R7 Plus Dimensions
There is also light flash to give extra light when you are walking on the dark. In order to add volume for hearing, you can add in the button on the edge side. If you wish to make screen capture for the text, then you could do the same with the edge side button. Take a picture and try to enlarge the image. It won’t be blurring since it has high resolution. No wonder people said that it is flat screen TV on the pocket. Since it has 13-megapixel camera, it will not disappoint you for the result of the picture.

Oppo R7 Plus
Let’s say that you are in the meeting and make meeting minutes on the paper then you would like to send this hand writing to your partner. So, you can capture the handwriting on the paper and send it easily. The result will be sharp and your handwriting can be read without any difficulty. It is so useful to accelerate your job. You don’t need to move handwriting to the computer and type in the Ms. Word. Simply use handwriting to note the summary in the meeting and share with other participants in the meeting with Bluetooth feature. How life becomes easier. Last but not least, this oppo is having much features compare with the price that you pay.

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