Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S
 Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S Review
Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S can be the representation of the ability from Acer Company for creating the laptop which comes with two in one function. It is more than just the two in one laptop because it comes with the design style which is unique. It also comes with the features which are uniquely engineered. When people see further this notebook product, people will be able to find the great things can good things and bad things from this product. It is great that this notebook comes with the premium quality of metal build. It is thin and of course light so it will be a great for people who travel a lot. It also comes with full sized ports of USB 3.0 and it must be great support for connectivity. Unfortunately, people maybe will not love the performance of this notebook which is buggy.
Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S
Best Convertible Laptop by Acer
Two in one notebook product by Acer is not pretty new or strange at all. It offered the Switch series which comes with two in one specification. However, it seems like people are not impressed with the system which is bulky and clunky. From the previous product comparison, people will be able to find that Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S can be considered as one of the best convertible notebooks produced by Acer ever. It comes with 12.5 inches size and it can be considered as the thinnest hybrid notebook which can be found. People of course will be impressed with the fact that this notebook comes with the performance from Core M processor. It also comes with 4K screen.
Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S
For Home and Work
According to the Acer plan, this hybrid notebook becomes the premium machine which can be used for home as well as work. People will not have a doubt from the premium term added to the product because it comes with the body which is made from fully metal material. The fact that it comes with the thin and elegant design will ensure the premium quality of the notebook. Solid build quality must be another great premium standard for this notebook. It comes with the magnetic connector which is less of latch so the keyboard can be adhered firmly to the tablet section. That is why this hybrid notebook is considered as thinner product compared to other convertibles by Acer. The snap hinge is able to send data streams with 6Gbps speed between the tablet and keyboard. People can turn the laptop into tablet more with Notebook Aspire Switch 12 S.

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