Microsoft Lumia 650
Cutting the Edge through Microsoft Lumia 650
Microsoft Lumia 650 can be the answer for you who are so into a windows phone. Not only android, windows phone is also in roll in this era. This phone is coming out with Microsoft windows 10 which is also the latest windows version. It also supports the latest LTE support. It can be a great deal for you who like to surf on the internet. This would definitely help in making your communication with others smoother.

Microsoft Lumia 650
The Features on the Phone
Microsoft lumia 650 comes out with 5 inches in size. You can own a wider screen but still can be fits on your hand perfectly. This would help in surfing your phone better. It is also has 720 X 1280 pixels that can help in providing a better picture and clearer video mode. Even though this phone has a wider screen, you do not have to worry about the screen getting a scratch. This is because this phone has a latest technology of Corning Gorilla Glass that can helping in protecting your phone. You would not need any additional screen protector because your phone has already been protected by the original spec that the phone already owned. All of the latest technologies that are already being owned by the phone would be a plus for this phone. Moreover, the latest technology that we have already talks about before is also on the phone already. Microsoft windows 10 can help you in doing all of your work through your Smartphone as well. This technology would directly make your activities on the phone easier.
Microsoft Lumia 650
Good Point from this Phone
The good point of this phone is the big ROM of the phone that is 8 GB. It is enough to save up all of your data. If you feel that the memory is still lacking, you can add micro SD to the phone. Usually 8 GB is enough to save all of the internal application of the phone. The phone has a 1 GB ram that can help you in multi tasking in your phone. The cameras are also not disappointing. Both of the front camera and back camera has a good quality to help you in taking pictures. The 5 MP front camera is good to help you in taking selfies. The back camera of 8 MP is also good in taking a clearer picture of everything you want to commemorate. You can own the latest technology with Microsoft Lumia 650.

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