LG Stylus 2 
LG Stylus 2, Low Price, Great Feature
LG Stylus 2 is the follow up version from the previous version of this brand that is no other than LG G4 Stylus. The newest feature is only on this version. Start from the body metal that is circling around the phone would make your phone looks better and stronger. It is does not weight much which is a plus for you who do not like a heavy phone. It is thin and lightweight which is good for a Smartphone to get carried around. Now, we will get straight to the review of the LG Stylus 2.

The Basic Features
The phone is having a big LCD screen 5.7 inches that would make you comfortable in browsing around the internet. This would be good for you who want a wide screened phone that can help you in doing any task in your phone. It is also comes out in HD 1280 X 720 pixel that would be promising in giving a clearer image in this phone. You can also take a video with a full HD from this phone. For you who liked to do multitasking, this phone is having 1.5 GB ram that would help you when you are opening many applications. With chipset 1.2 GHz quad core that can optimizing your activity on phone even more. To ensure that you are catching up with the latest style, this phone is also comes out with 16 GB ROM that can help in storing many things on your phone. You can own many applications that can only be on the internal memory of the phone with this phone. Even though it has already has big size in a ROM, you can also add micro SD to maximize the memory in your phone.

What Makes it even Better
The trend of selfie has not died down. You can satisfy your hobby in taking selfies by this phone. The front camera of this phone comes out with 8MP that you can also take that by this it means you can capture selfies even better. The back camera is 13MP that would also be good in taking any pictures in a good quality. Taking a picture would never be a problem in this picture since it has a great camera both front and back. You can take a good quality of a picture with this phone. Taking a clear picture is not a problem with LG Stylus 2.