Huawei MateBook
Say Hello to the Latest Technology in Huawei MateBook User Manual and Review
Huawei MateBook user manual and review would let you know that there is a good quality of a notebook with a good price. Many people still do not aware about this notebook existence and choose to buy those that already well known notebook, but don’t you know? This notebook is as promising as the high-end brand notebook. The feature of this notebook is already complete and ready to make your works easier. This kind of notebook would be totally in match with those who has interest in doing business. Then, let us get straight into the main topic ofHuawei MateBook user manual and review.

Huawei MateBook
Huawei MateBook Dimensions
Smoothen Your Work with This Notebook                                           
As the basic use of this notebook, you can use it both as a laptop and as a tablet. This would be very convenient since you just need to bring one thing only. Moreover, the notebook is thin. It is only 6.9 mm. That is rare for a notebook to be that thin. Even though the screen is 12 inch, but it only weight 540 gram. This way you would not have to worry about bringing it anywhere since it is thin and light. Since it can be used as both pc and tablet, you can easily carry it everywhere you want. The frame of the notebook is elegant as well. That means the notebook is really pursuing a modern style of notebook design.

Huawei MateBook
Get Ready to Make Your Life Easier
The resolution of the notebook is 2.160x1.440 which means you can enjoy a full HD video and images. It also means that you can get a clear screen to make your work easier. This is also quite rare since the others are mostly only own the resolution of 1.080x720. If you look up deeper, the notebook is having 4 GB RAM. A good news for you who like to do multitasking. This way you do not have to worry about the notebook lagging or error. The sistem operation that the notebook own is also good. Windows phone 10, the latest window’s release which provide the newest technology. The battery is also totally good. The company claims that it can lasts for 10 hours. This is good for you who use a notebook for a long time because you do not have to worry about keep on charging the notebook. Be prepared to buy your own, and that is the end of the Huawei MateBook user manual and review.

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