HTC Desire 825
 HTC Newest Release, HTC Desire 825 User Manual and Review
HTC Desire 825 user manual and review would be a crucial thing that has to be read before you are decided to buy one. The phone has made uproar before the company is actually releasing it. It is because the superb specifications that the phone feature. In this era where everything happens fast, a smart phone would always be the answer to keep up with the technology. In order not to buy the wrong phone, today we would talk about HTC Desire 825 user manual and review.

The Features that Stand Out the Most
The phone would be on the market on the March 2016. As this is the newest release, this phone of course has an LTE technology attached to it. This is crucial to make sure that you would be able to use the fastest internet signal. It is also has HSDPA and GSM technology to help you keep on connecting to the internet in case there is no LTE signal near you. Then, this phone also adopts the latest android version of 6.0. This way you do not have to worry about the phone slowing down when being used. It is because the the newest android OS would totally help in multitasking in your phone. It is quite thick for 7.4 mm with its weigh of 155 g, but it is actually acceptable since the phone is 5.5 inch. This way, the phone is having a big screen that would help you in operating the phone. The resolution is 720x1280 which means you can have a vivid image on the phone.

HTC Desire 825
What Makes This Phone Better than Others
Even though the basic feature of the phone is already overwhelming, the phone is having much more in the store. For you who are a fan of photography, this phone serves 13 mp for the back camera and 5 mp for the front camera. This is total good news for every fan of photography since it is also include LED flash for the back camera. The video option is also able to capture a video in the resolution of 1080 p. Now, you would not have to worry about taking a low-resolution video since the big resolution would help you in capturing every moment clearly. The camera is able to capture both images and videos clearly, so you would be able to keep every memory that you have made. That is all about HTC Desire 825 user manual and review.

User manual of HTC Desire 825 will available in here.