HTC Desire 630
Get Ready to Welcome HTC Desire 630 User Manual and Review
HTC Desire 630 user manual and review is here to help you in picking a good phone with a great quality. It is not a secret in this era that everyone is aware of technology. No wonder you would find everyone staring at his or her phone every time. This is because the era has changed and you cannot help but to follow the era’s change. Now, we would talk about HTC Desire 630 user manual and review.

HTC Desire 630
User Guidance about Basic Features of the Phone
Before we actually talk about the good point of the phone, we have to start from the basic technology that the phone’s own. No matter how good one feature is if the basic were not good, it would be just a waste of money. We will look out from the ram first. The phone has 2 GB ram that is good news for you who like to do multitasking on your phone. This way, you would not have to worry about getting an error message on your phone because you have opened to many applications. It is also equip the latest android version of 6.0 or marshmallow. This would also support your multitasking activity without having to worry about getting your phone broken. The internal storage is also not disappointing. A total of 16 GB is there to help you in saving all of your applications and data. If you are feeling that it is still a bit lacking, you can add the external memory to the phone. The size of the phone is also just right, 5.0 inch. It would fit your palm perfectly.
HTC Desire 630
The Review about the Phone
The camera of the phone is not disappointing. Both front and back camera is already having a good point. The front camera is five mp that is already good to take a portrait of yourself and your friend. The back camera is 13 mp with LED flash that is also good to take a picture clearly. The phone is also able to take a good quality of video 1080 p that would let you get a great quality of a video. One thing that is quite a waste is the battery. It is only 2200 mAh, so make sure to bring your power bank with your everywhere. Overall, this is a good phone for a mid range price. Hope you enjoy this HTC Desire 630 user manual and review.

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