Xiaomi Redmi 3
Xiaomi Redmi 3 User Manual and Review That You Need

Xiaomi redmi 3 user manual and review might help you in making the right decision when you want to buy a mobile phone. Xiaomi is considered as one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers these days. There are various types of mobile phone that have been created by this manufacturer. The latest mobile phone that is produced by Xiaomi is Xiaomi Redmi 3. Unlike the previous versions of Redmi, Redmi 3 replaces the plastic case with metal case for more beautiful appearance. Even though this new Redmi has more attractive design compared to its predecessors, the specifications of Redmi 3 are quite similar to the previous versions.

Like other mobile phones from Xiaomi, the new Redmi 3 offers various great features that will improve your experience when using this mobile phone. One of the most notable features that you can find in this new mobile phone from Xiaomi is its 4,100mAh battery. This battery can improve the talk time up to 80% compared to the battery that is used in Redmi 2. According to Xiaomi redmi 3 user manual and review, Redmi 3 has better battery life than the previous versions. Other feature that can be found in Redmi 3 is the dual-SIM feature. This feature is basically available in most Xiaomi mobile phones. This feature allows you to use 2 SIM card in one mobile phone at the same time.

This new mobile phone from Xiaomi will be released this year. The price for Redmi 3 is about 105 USD. Compared to other types of mobile phone with similar specifications, the Redmi 3 is considered more affordable. So if you have limited budget but you want to get mobile phone with excellent specifications, Redmi 3 is definitely the best choice for you. Based on Xiaomi redmi 3 user manual and review, this new mobile phone from Xiaomi will use Android OS. The type of OS that is used by this mobile phone is not confirmed yet. However, it will likely use Lollipop OS like most Android phones that are available on the market these days.

The screen size of this mobile phone is 5 inches with HD display that offers resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The type of processor that is used in Redmi 3 is Snapdragon 616 eight-core processor. To support the processor, this mobile phone is also equipped with 2GB memory. The internal storage that is used in this mobile phone has 16GB capacity while the external storage allows you to use microSD with up to 128GB capacity. To find other impressive details about Redmi 3, you can take a look at Xiaomi redmi 3 user manual and review. 

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