Sony Xperia Z6
Finding the sony xperia z6 user manual and review may be something not really that easy if we are looking for the exact and detail one. That is because the device or product is planned to be officially released in 2016. So, perhaps it is better for you to feel that satisfied with the information of the leaks regarding to the review of Sony Xperia Z6. Sure, the product of smartphone from Sony is still that interesting to know. We can get such the information regarding to the key features which possibly to be the features of this smartphone. Of you are completely interested in such the smartphone product from Sony; you need to be ready to welcome the release of this smart phone in this year. We still could not get the exact official info regarding to when the phone is going to be released since Sony still does not give the official information yet, but based on the prediction it will be in the middle of this year. The leaked information below might give us an overview regarding to how it will be.
Sony Xperia Z6 with the Possible Great Camera Quality Attached

The Great Possible Improvements

Of course, new products will always offer the great improvements including what may be possible shown in the sony xperia z6 user manual and review. For the Sony Xperia Z6, one of the notable improvements will be seen on the camera. Sure, Sony always offers the great quality camera with the great performance, as like for the Z6. It is predicted to have such a great camera between 20-30MP-camera as its rear/primary camera. That will be such an impressive feature for you who often use the mobile camera as like during your activities to capture the moment. Then, it also offers the great feature of the display which uses the 5.5” IPS Triluminos which offers the large size display to give you comfort on using it. That also offers the great performance with its great brain of this phone by using the Snapdragon-820 chipset. That offers the benefits for you who are always in need of the high performance phone.

The Prediction of the Design

The design of the Xperia Z6 is not officially informed yet by Sony. However, it can be predicted easily that it will also give the best great material for its body. Many have predicted that it will use the material of metal and glass for the luxurious design and also such a great durability. The design of the Omni-Balance might also be applied. It is about the use of the flat body design which has been the design of the Z series. That becomes the prediction of the design which may also be shown on the sony xperia z6 user manual and review.