Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S
A Quick Look at Samsung Galaxy TabPro S User Manual and Review

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S User Manual and review can be used by those of you who need buying guide before you decide to buy this tablet. There are various choices of tablet PC that you can find on the market these days. These tablets came in various choices of specifications and offer various different features. One of the most talked tablets these days is the new TabPro S from Samsung. This tablet offers various new features that will give you better experience when using tablet PC. This tablet uses Windows 10 as its Operating System (OS). Unlike other types of tablet in its class, TabPro S is also equipped with touchpad and detachable keyboard that can be used whenever you need them.

One of the most notable things about TabPro S is its design. Compared to other types of tablet from its competitors, Samsung TabPro S might have slightly smaller size. However, this 12 inches tablet has a very stylish design. The design of this tablet is very thin and attractive. With this super thin design, TabPro S also has a very light weight as well. The weight of this tablet is just 1.53 pounds. According to Samsung Galaxy TabPro S User Manual and review, this tablet will be launched soon this year. However, the price of this tablet is still not announced yet. TabPro S from Samsung will be launched globally on February this year. 

The screen that is used in this tablet is the AMOLED type with 12 inches size. This type of screen can produce very vivid and bright display. With this amazing screen, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies or play your favorite games in more exciting way. Other great detail that you can get from Samsung Galaxy TabPro S User Manual and review is that this tablet uses a 900MHz dual-core Intel Core processor with 4GB memory. With these specifications, this tablet can work smoothly even if you have to run applications that need large memory capacity.  

The keyboard folio cover that is used in this tablet also has a very stylish design as well. This fabric cover can allow you to use this tablet in more comfortable way. On the other hand, the fabric cover can give more protection to this tablet by protecting its both sides. The Intel HD Graphic Card that is used in this tablet also can guarantee the quality of image that is displayed on the screen as well. This tablet is also equipped with optional Bluetooth stylus according to Samsung Galaxy TabPro S User Manual and review.

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