Looking for LG G5 user manual and review is something interesting. There are so many ideas which 
might come to us when we are hunting a new smartphone. We have to go hunting the wide ranges of 
ideas regarding to the right smartphones to choose. It will be such a good idea for you to notice because of course anyone wants to find the best thing for themselves on dealing with the need of a new smartphone. There are so many choices of smartphone to choose including the LG G5 which becomes the successor of LG G4. Sure, there will be some improvements compared to its predecessor. That will be something interesting for us to know much about this smartphone. That can be your consideration to know whether this smartphone is suitable for you to choose or not. This smartphone made from South Korea is such that interesting smartphone to know. The G5 is the middle-end smartphone which might be something which you look for. Of course, knowing about this smartphone first is what you have to do.

Specs of LG G5.

Discussing about the specs of LG G5 is something interesting as the part of LG G5 user manual and review. This smartphone has such the great yet better performance with the Qualcomm Snapdragon-820 as its processor. It is the recent Qualcomm processor so that it is said to have a great performance. This smartphone also uses the recent android operating system, which is Android M or 6.0. If you love capturing your life moment using your mobile device, the camera of G5 offers such the great camera of 20 megapixels with great quality image. It is really great for you who love photography. The feature of Iris Scanning and also fingerprint make the security of this phone is much better. The design of the body is also completely that great with its premium metal material for its luxury look. This smartphone is also completed with 4000 mAh battery with the feature of fast wireless charging.

What to Notice about LG G5.

Besides the great features which we have noticed and discussed above, there are also some points you need to notice about this smartphone as the part of LG G5 user manual and review. One of them is the price of this smartphone which might be about $900. Of course, it is not a cheap price since as we have mentioned before, it offers the great feature for the mid and high-end target market. Then, this smartphone is not yet IPS-688 certified of the dust and waterproof. Still, this is an interesting smartphone to notice.

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