Samsung Galaxy Grand On5
Samsung Galaxy Grand on 5 user manual and review will be the best reference for you who want to get this new Samsung product. For your information, it is the new smart phone designed by Samsung. It is superb for your selfie activities. It also really works well for you who love capturing images.

So, do you want to know more about its features? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion about Samsung Galaxy Grand on 5 user manual and review. Let’s find out your detail information here!

Sleek Design
First of all, it offers you the sleek design. It will make you pleasure to carry it around. It is designed by thin frame and bezel. You will really get steady and comfortable grip. Besides that, you can also find leather feel rear cover that will create the extra touch class and eye catching look.

Brighter and More Detailed Images.
As on the previous discussion, this phone is best for your selfie activities. It will be the best companion for you who love capturing selfie or groupie pictures. Its enhanced camera let you find the higher resolution and also capture any pictures in detail.

Besides that, it also provides you the quick launch. What does it mean? It means you will not miss out on the opportunities of another photo. You only need to push the home button twice. Then, you can capture your moment.

Enhanced Connectivity.
The next feature for you is connectivity enhancement. This mobile is supported by LTE Cat 4 support that makes you able to download HD video. You can also enjoy music streaming and web browsing. Those activities are supported by quick speeds. Besides that, you can also try experience in seamless network connectivity through WI-FI. Then, you can also enable Bluetooth to your headset or other devices.

Superb Selfie.
Last, you can really enjoy the super selfie. As we know taking selfie picture is not easy. By using this mobile, you can get even groupie of people scenery. There will be the wide angle on the frame you take. This mobile is actually supported by smart Palm Gesture Selfie tool. You can snap pictures by simple gesture on the lens with your palm. Then, you can also apply the beauty effects by using its beauty shot mode. Finally, those are all the report of Samsung Galaxy Grand on 5 user manual and review.

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