Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung A7 Review
If you are a huge fan of samsung galaxy A7, the best thing that you have to do before you buy one is reading the samsung galaxy A7 user manual and review. Reading manual and review will enable you to know more and better about the product that you keep your eyes on. When it comes to selecting advanced gadget like smartphone, this is the more important step that you have to deal with. Samsung galaxy A7 is one of the newest product from samsung. This smartphone is a great choice for those of you who love samsung smartphone and its features. Here is the more detailed information about this smartphone.

The Features Of the Samsung A7
There are some features that samsung A7 has, but we are not going to take a closer look at every single feature that it offers its customers. There are some features that make this smartphone exceptionally great. At first, this smartphone ensures you a nice and modern smartphone. It can be looked at its design. Made of metal body and 5.5–inch FHD display, samsung A7 is very handy and stylish. It has 16-M color depth which makes every pictures and videos taken by this smartphone high-quality. This smartphone is also supported by good quality camera with CMOS 13.0 MP resolution. This quality has made this smartphone a nice option for you who loves taking selfie and pictures. In terms of the memory, this smartphone has 2-GB RAM size and 16-GB ROM size. This way, you can have many applications and supporting programs in this smartphone. So, why don’t give it a try?

What The Review Say About It?
In terms of the review, this smartphone get a quite good mark and review. It can be seen from the review point in samsung website. The reviewers give this product 4.1 out of 5 stars. Even though the point is not exceptionally great, but 4.1 stars is still considered great. Even though this smartphone almost has anything you need and ask for, but there are some drawbacks which samsung needs to work on. One of the main concerns refers to the battery durability. Just like any other samsung series, the battery durability of the samsung A7 is not that great. The battery is  still relatively easy to run out of energy. Nonetheless, based on samsung galaxy A7 user manual and review, overall, this smartphone is still a great choice to choose.

Samsung Galaxy A7 user manual (download)