Huawei Mate 8
Huawei Mate 8 : A Smartphone Review

Huawei mate 8 user manual and review should be the first thing that you read before you buy this smartphone right away for you. Our need of the smartphone has been getting bigger and bigger. That is why, the technology has been running to fulfil our expectation and needs. One of the brand that has done so much in the last few years is Huawei. Considering the smartphone market is very fierce with samsung and apple as two giant brands, Huaweis still manage to get through the market. One of the Huawei series that should be in your must-see list is Huawei Mate 8. Here is some few details and review points about this smartphone that you might need to know.

The Features Of The Huawei Mate 8
Just like any other types of smartphone, Huawei Mate 8 also offers some features that will make it a greater and better choice than other smartphones. In terms of the appearance, this smartphone is very stylish with gray body color and design. One feature that steal a lot of attention is its screen. With 6-inch screen and 1920 x 1080 pixel quality, every single picture, image and videos that you see form this smartphone look clear and real. This is one important feature that makes this smartphone a good choice for you. It is also equipped with 3-GB RAM size and 32-GB-ROM size for you to keep applications, images, and many other things in this smartphone. The system used in this smart is android 6.0. This way, you have a wide option of application you can download for your smartphone. The dual cameras of this smartphone will also allow you to have a bigger chance to take picture anytime and anywhere you want.

The Review Of This Smartphone
Even though this smartphone seems so nice and perfect for your smartphone shopping plan, but there are some areas that should be developed further. The main thing is the memory. The basic memory of Huawei Mate 8 is relatively smaller than its competitor. This is not good for the customers as well. With android system, Huawei should think more of the need of the customers. They will download more applications and they will need bigger RAM and ROM memory size to deal with it. So, that is all some points of this Huawei Mate 8 user manual and review and hopefully you find it helpful.

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