HTC One A9
HTC is known to produce high quality smart phones with very affordable price. One of the most recent high tech smart phones from HTC is the HTC One A9, an Android operating smart phone that has many features similar with iPhone. The phone was released back in November and many people have dubbed this phone as the Android iPhone due to the similarities they have. The A9 is sold for 499 dollars in the United States with four color selection, gray, silver, red and gold. All phones are unlocked and you can any carrier that suits your taste.

Greater Value.
When you buy the HTC One A9 directly from the official website of HTC, you can get a phone which has more value compared to those sold elsewhere. The phones sold at the official website are all unlocked version and has less pre installed software that will give you more space in the RAM of your phones and you can also get clutter free experience and a more customizable phone. With this unlocked phone version, you will also be able to switch carriers a lot easier. You can simply insert the SIM card into your phone when you use AT&T or T-Mobile carriers and a free additional hardware will also be given freely if your prefer to use Sprint carrier.

When you look at the physical design of the HTC One A9 you will see a phone that is the exact copy of the classic design used by many Apple phones, thin, light, and is entirely made from aluminum. The HTC is clearly copying the design of iPhone but instead of being unfavorable, the design of the phone turns out to be one of its main selling points. Another feature of the A9 that will make people buy this phone is the incredible camera the A9 is equipped with. The main camera is a 13MP camera with dual LED and an Optical Image Stabilization that will allow you to take blur free photos. The videos recorded using this camera can also be sped up to 12 times with the Hyperlapse function. As for the interface, the HTC One A9 is equipped with an edge to edge 5 inch, 1080p, full high definition, and a very energy efficient screen which can give you forty percent more colors compared to a normal LCD screen in other smart phones. All in all, the HTC One A9 has a very great value for money for a smart phone that is said to copy other phone’s design.
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