Samsung Z3
Samsung Z3 user manual and review

The Best Samsung Z3 User Manual and Review
This Samsung Z3 user manual and review is going to explain to you everything you need to know about Samsung Z3. This smartphone is one of the newest product of giant gadget manufacturer, Samsung. The smartphone was announced to public and then launched just last month in October 2015. As usual, the Korean gadget manufacturer gives lots and lots amazing features to this smartphone. Let us begin this Samsung Z3 user manual and review.

1.Great Smartphone with Wide Display
Seen from the outside, the appearance of Samsung Z3 is quite impressive. It has the Galaxy-like casing type but if you look closer, the design of Samsung Z3 is smoother, especially on the edges. The overall dimension then is 141.60 x 70.00 x 7.90 inch and it weighs 137 grams. The size is quite big but still handy because the smartphone is completed by 5.0 inch touch screen display. So, it is still manageable to be placed in your pocket but the display is wide and satisfying for many purposes. The display of this smartphone has the 720x1280 pixels resolution.

2.Excellent Performance for Multiple Purposes
Seen from the performance point of view, Samsung Z3 can be considered to be good. Let us start from the processor. The processor used in this smartphone is Spreadtrum SC7730S. It is a 3GHz quad-core processor and it can truly deliver fast performance. This smartphone is packed with 8GB internal storage. Small? Not really, because you can upgrade it to 128GB via microSD card. The RAM is 1GB RAM and it is fast, really fast. For the OS, this smartphone is using Tizen 2.4 which is famous for its goodness. The battery in this smartphone is also very powerful. It is a 2600mAh removable battery and you can spend hours on the smartphone for sure.

3.Great Selfie and Everything
Using this smartphone is such bliss for anyone loves selfie. The rear camera is 8MP camera with flash and autofocus and the front camera is 5MP camera with autofocus as well. So, when you love selfie, this smartphone is perfect. The rest of the features is including the two Micro-SIM feature, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM radio, and many more.

This Samsung Z3 smart phone is quite excellent and worth buying. Everything is satisfying seen from the design, the performance, and the features. So, if you decide to get the Samsung Z3, do not forget to get the Samsung Z3 user manual and review here as well.

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