One Plus X
OnePLus x user manual and review

OnePlus X User Manual and Review to Stun You
You will need OnePlus X user manual and review if you plan to get a new smartphone of OnePlus but you have no idea at all how good it is Well, it is brand new product but seen from the quality of its products so far, the brand is a dark horse for sure. It is just a matter of time before the product is dominating the market. Now, let us talk about the OnePlus X in particular. The smartphone is a great smartphone because the shape is beautiful and the features are great. Below is the OnePlus X user manual and review.

1.Wide Smartphone for Pleasing Gadget Time

The oustide of this smartphone can be considered to be really good and overall it is  stunning. The shape of the smartphone is sleek and smooth. Mostly because it is quite thin and really delicate in shape and color as well. The egdes are smooth and the casing seems exceptional. The smartphone is wide. It is because the display of this smartphone is 5.5 inch of display size. It has the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. However, it can be still easily gripped and not too big as well since it is small and can fit in your pocket. Bottom line for the exterior of the smartphone, it is amazing.

2.The Performance Near to Perfection

The performance is near perfect. Why so? Well, let us begin with the processor. Even thouh the processor is quad core instead of octa core. The processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 in this smartphone is a 2.3GHz processor. Amazing right? Yes, it is very sophisticated and capable in producing the very best and the most excellent performance. The RAM is just crazy! It is the 3GB that will allow you to play whetever game you like and run whatever apps you like. For the storage, this smartphone has 16GB internal storage and if you add external storage using microSD card, it can be upgraded up to 128GB. The battery used in this smartphone is an 2525 mAh battery. Well, it is quite good for something this big in display. The OS used in this smartphone is the newest Android 5.1 Lollipop.

3.Get Ready for Some Selfie Actions

Having selfie will never end with this smartphone since the front camera is 8MP. Indeed, it is 8MP and the rear is 13MP. Get ready to get some selfie action because the autofocus and many other features will help you to get your selfie done. This OnePlus X user manual and review is done here. Now, it is all your decision.

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