Android 6.0
Android 6.0 Marshmallow user manual and review will be very useful for you. You can get best reference 

before purchasing this advanced product. Nowadays, there are a lot of the new movements of technology especially for mobile or tab user. You can find the newest features of some tab products such as this new Marshmallow Android 6.0 version.

This new android operating offers you the improvement for overall Lollipop user experience. Besides that, you can be connected to google only by one tap. It really provides you the easiest touch of mobile operating. Well, keep reading below!Android 6.0 Marshmallow user manual and review will be discussed here.

Spot on Fast Answers

First of all, you can enjoy the feature called spot on fast answers. What does it mean? Well, this feature offers you on tap anticipation. You can anticipate anything that you need in a moment. You only need to tap once on the screen to get cards with useful and detail information. There will be apps that feed your information.

Smarter and Easier Battery

The second feature you will find is about the battery. What does it provide? Firstly, you will find doze feature. When your device gets rest, its Doze will automatically place it on sleep mode. By its feature, you will be able to get alarm still in the morning even you forgot to charge it.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow User Manual And Review

Then, you can also get app standby capacity. It doesn’t matter when your battery gets drain from seldom used applications. This App standby feature will limit the impact on device battery life. So, you can get the charge on longer lasting.

Greater Control

You will get great control that can give you enjoyable mind. What does this feature offer? Permissions on your way will be delivered for you. By this feature, you don’t need to give application access all the time. It will let you to define what you want to share every time. You can also turn off this permission tool too.

The greatest feature you will get is finger print security. It is really the new movement of android right? There will be no old crazy password. You can unlock your phone by your own finger print. Let this security breeze up each tool of your device such as Android Pay, Play store, and even other apps. Well, finally 

those are all the reports of Android 6.0 Marshmallow user manual and review.

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